Perfect Match

Ellen was the perfect match for us as first-time homebuyers. Her dedication to educating us about the home buying journey ensured we felt confident every step of the way. We're grateful for her patience and unwavering support, especially in such a challenging market. Through the ups and downs, Ellen remained steadfast in her commitment to finding us the right home. Her ability to balance encouragement with understanding made all the difference. In this competitive housing market, Ellen was our guiding light, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you, Ellen, for being the agent we needed to make our dream home a reality.

Paige and Scott K.

Simply Put, Ellen Goes Above and Beyond

We knew we wanted to work with Ellen on the search for our first home the moment we met her. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the market and gave us a reality check- that was desperately needed- in regards to our expectations, timeline, and budget. Once we found our house, Ellen sprung into action to put an offer together and even drove through the night to attend an early morning inspection. We felt incredibly confident that with Ellen's help constructing our offer, we were putting our best foot forward in a highly competitive market.

After our offer was accepted, Ellen continued to provide support by helping us find contractors and give guidance on the renovations we hoped to complete within a very tight timeline. She connected us with contractors for asbestos removal, electrical work, wallpaper removal, painting and flooring. We absolutely would not have accomplished the updates to our home before our move-in date without Ellen making introductions, vouching for us, and being there every step of the way.

Simply put, Ellen goes above and beyond. She is a hardworking professional who undeniably cares about her clients happiness. We are so grateful we met her, we gained not only an incredible realtor but a friend. We can't recommend her highly enough and look forward to working with her again on any future real estate endeavors!

Keith and Chelsea D.

Extensive knowledge and experience

With Ellen’s extensive knowledge, experience and organizational skills we sold our Belmont home after just a few days on the market. Ellen’s guidance through the whole process was so helpful. The smallest changes had the biggest impact. She knows the market and suggested subtle changes that were spot on. Each week she outlined what needed to get done and kept us on schedule. We’re so happy with the outcome and would recommend Ellen to anyone thinking of selling or interested in buying property.

Jackie and Pierre R

Above and Beyond

We worked with Ellen on the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our current home during the spring of 2022. This was in the heart of the craziest real estate market in history. We had a strict timeline that was based on new jobs and the school schedule. Ellen was exactly the person we needed to navigate all those demands. She educated us about the process, managed our expectations, and developed a strategy for us. Ellen’s extensive experience and reassuring manner left us feeling that we were in good hands- which proved to be true.
She came with us throughout our house hunting process, making phone calls to realtors of homes we liked to find out how much they sold for to get a better sense of what we would need to do to have an offer accepted. She advised us as we made our offer, conferring with our mortgage banker. And she walked through the inspection with us, giving us advice, helping us negotiate and keeping us calm during a stressful time.
When it came time to sell, Ellen helped us prep our home, developed an amazing marketing strategy, hosted multiple open houses and even recruited a colleague to help with the parking during the open houses.
Throughout the entire process she was responsive, communicative, professional, and caring. There are so many ways in which she went above and beyond for us, we can’t express them all. Ellen is amazing and we are so grateful to have been able to work with her.

Steph and Brett K

Continuously Attentive

We highly recommend Ellen Sullivan as a real estate agent to any individual, couple or family searching for a home. From the beginning Ellen provided her unwavering attention to our specific needs, wants and must haves. She worked with us throughout the home buying process, and walked us through various scenarios. She also helped us look for positive and negative signs in homes for sale. Ellen is extremely experienced at her job and knows the market in the area very well.
Ellen Sullivan is knowledgeable and continuously attentive to your situation. She ensures you stay focused on your priorities. She is there for you when stressful and difficult situations arise. She was an integral partner in our home search and buying experience. We recommend her without reservation.
James and Vanessa

True Partnership

We cannot recommend Ellen highly enough. From our first meeting, we immediately knew she was the right person to help sell our home of 40 years. Her thorough knowledge of the overall market was equally matched by her supportive guidance as we went through the process of preparing our property for sale. Our experience with Ellen was a true partnership, with Ellen ensuring that we always felt in charge of things while tactfully giving us as much guidance as we wanted.
Communication was a great strength for Ellen. She was in touch early and often, was always prepared to advise us on next of the (many!) steps necessary in selling a house, and made sure we had a complete understanding of all our responsibilities as sellers.
A further strength of Ellen’s is the deep “bench” of professionals, from tradespeople to attorneys, she has at her disposal. There was never a moment when we felt some necessary task was beyond our capabilities, because she always knew the right people to assist with the matter at hand. Her recommendations saved us enormous amounts of time and money, and she always followed through to make sure that jobs were done on time, on budget, and to our satisfaction.
A seller should feel as if their realtor is unquestionably professional, knowledgeable, and talented while applying every effort toward being an ally and a representative. Based on our experience, we have no hesitation in recommending Ellen because she embodies all those characteristics—and was a true pleasure to work with.

Holly and Scott S

"In Ellen We Trust"

“In Ellen we trust.” This was the mantra we developed as a family during the complex process of simultaneously buying and selling our homes with COVID-19 as backdrop. While the pandemic added new dynamics to the already-difficult housing market, Ellen confidently and calmly enabled us to ‘own the process’ while likewise steering us away from potentially bad decisions. Ellen was incredibly responsive to us throughout the process – day and night – and has an impressive “Rolodex” of contractors who were available to prepare our home for sale. Perhaps most importantly, Ellen endeared herself to our family. Our young boys looked forward to visiting homes with Ellen on the weekend and enjoyed Ellen’s surprise visits during the weekdays when mom and dad had to quickly respond to real-time opportunities. All in all, we very much recommend Ellen to any family interested in buying or selling their home – or both. Thank you, Ellen!

Tim and Karen E.

The Best Realtor We Ever Worked With

Ellen was the best realtor we have ever worked with. We worked with a few realtors in the past to buy & sell houses but working with her is a totally different experience. Unlike most (if not all!!) of her peers, she was very patient and allowed us ample time to think through our choices. She spent many hours with us to make sure we are making the right decision. She navigated us through the complicated mortgage application, home inspection and closing process. What makes her different is, even after closing (& receiving her fees) she was still working with us to find painters, electricians, movers etc. We cannot thank her enough for all she did to make our home buying process a stress-free and pleasant experience and that too during a global pandemic. If we buy another house in the future, she will be our realtor and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who seriously wants to buy or sell a house.
Sanjit and Sulagna S.

Teaching Us Throughout The Process

We had a great experience buying a home in Medford with Ellen as our agent. As first time home buyers we had a lot questions, and Ellen was great about teaching us throughout the process. She had a great feel for what we were looking for and would send us relevant listings as soon as they came on the market, and was always very responsive to our questions and requests. Our search included Medford, Arlington and Waltham, and she was very knowledgable about all of these areas. We worked with her for nearly a year and saw countless open houses and private viewings, and after each one we would debrief on what we liked, what we didn’t like, and how that should inform our search going forward. When we saw the house we eventually bought, that’s when Ellen really worked her magic. She moved quickly and her offer/negotiating strategy left us simply thinking “wow.” Ellen was instrumental throughout the closing process, and after we closed she helped us kick off our renovation projects, connecting us to several contractors that we ended up working with. We can’t say enough good things about Ellen or recommend her highly enough! We know we’ll be working with her again the next time we buy/sell a home.

.Dan and Kate C.

You Want Ellen Sullivan On Your Team When Buying A Home

You want Ellen Sullivan on your team when buying a home! My boyfriend, Anthony, and I first connected with Ellen via a First Time Homebuyers course she taught at Arlington Adult Education in early 2020. Instantly, we felt a connection – she stressed the importance of building a team of the right people as first time home buyers and shared with us everything we should educate ourselves on & advocate for as buyers. When our two-night course concluded, we asked Ellen if she would be open to working with us – flash forward only a few short months, and we moved into our forever home in Framingham, MA! Ellen’s patience is unparalleled – which is important when considering your realtor as a first time homebuyer. We had a lot of questions – Ellen was fast to respond and diligent in her answers. She has a passion for working with first time homebuyers, and she took it upon herself to empower us every step of the way. A search that started in different geography (Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading) needed to pivot to the Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail line, and Ellen was on it – transitioning our plan in less than 24 hours to make our daily emails relevant and sending us comps of single-family homes in our new target area. She exercised flexibility throughout our search, and we are truly appreciative. Once we found a home we wanted to make an offer on, Ellen was in touch with us often, making sure our offer paperwork was in good shape and what we were submitting was competitive (both monetarily & in terms of contingencies, time to close, etc.). Within a few days, best & final offers needed to be made, as we were one of a handful of couples being considered – we made an aggressive best & final, provided a “love letter” to the sellers, and Ellen made sure to let the buyer’s agent know we were the ones to choose. An exciting phone call from Ellen shortly after – we got the house! After over three months living in our new home – we are in love with it! Yes, it’s a lot of work as a first time homebuyer & homeowner – but with Ellen on your team, you are in a great position to be successful! Even after moving in, Ellen has checked in to make sure everything is going well – she is someone we look forward to referring to others & keeping in touch with in the years to come!
Lauren B.

Guided Us Expertly

Ellen is an exceptional realtor. We were first time home buyers and Ellen oriented us to the process, provided us with resources and guided us expertly along the way. She listened carefully to what we were looking for and unfailingly provided us with options that were right on target. She made putting in an offer and getting organization for the P&S very easy (well, as easy as possible) and was always available for questions and sound advice. On top of her professional knowledge and expertise, she was lovely to work with. We feel very fortunate to have had Ellen as our realtor and highly recommend her to anyone, buyer or seller.
Becky F. and Rajesh K.

Ellen Is A Miracle Worker

My fiance and I first met Ellen as one of the instructors for a first-time home buyers course (she loves working with first-time home buyers!) before the times of social distancing, and weren’t sure how we would move forward in our home buying process as the world started shutting down due to COVID19. Reaching out to Ellen after the class was the best decision we could’ve made – she helped us hone in on what we were looking for in a house, during tours she pointed out features (and issues) we would’ve easily overlooked, and gave us great advice to build a great team to help us buy our house. Did I mention she helped us get the first house we put an offer on?! Ellen is a miracle worker! She deeply cares about her clients’ needs, is easy to contact via email or text, and – especially important in times of COVID – takes all safety precautions seriously. We would highly recommend her to any buyer in a heartbeat, without hesitation!
Deva J.

Cut Through All The Complexity

Ellen is fantastic. She made the process so fast and cut through all the complexity. She knows the ins-and-outs of not only her role as buyer’s agent but also what you should expect from lenders, home inspectors and lawyers at each step of the process. She’s exactly the kind of ally you want on your team. As first time home buyers who were a bit intimidated by the process, she did a great job of educating and guiding us but also encouraged us to make our own decisions without leaning on her too much. In particular, she helped us understand what we actually needed and wanted from a home and where we could compromise. Working with Ellen was a pleasure and I’d recommend her without reservations.
Joe G.

The Perfect Real Estate Agent

Ellen Sullivan was the perfect real estate agent. When I retired and planned to move, I asked Ellen what I needed to do to sell the house. She said that I need do nothing. She would take care of it. She did. After I moved, she had the house cleaned out. She brought in workers to fix up some problems and increase the value. Less than a month after I moved out, the house was on the market. Two days later the house was sold. Perfect!
Bill E.

Depth of Expertise

Ellen is the ideal real estate professional! We reached out to her early in our home search, and she patiently guided us through the process. She came to us recommended highly from a friend, and we have in turn passed on her name to our friends as well – she is that good! We needed a few things going into the home-buying process. First, we needed to be educated. It is a daunting process, and although we thought ourselves pretty capable, we realized we could never do this without professional help. There are many, many steps involved (especially with offers and closing), and it was great to feel like we were in great hands with Ellen, who spend many hours teaching us about everything we could ever want to know about real estate. Second, we needed someone who was actively looking for homes for us. We were active but ultimately uncommitted Zillow browsers, and many of the homes we liked most (including the one we actually purchased) were either not listed, or listed after Ellen had already seen and evaluated them – she was always one step ahead. Third, as novice home-buyers, we needed someone who could be vigilant (and sometimes even aggressive) with the seller and seller’s agent. Ellen was great – she spotted things on the inspection that I wouldn’t have seen, and she remained involved even after closing to make sure our punch list was completed. Lastly, Ellen’s integrity cannot be matched. When we were thinking about overbidding on a house, she persuaded us not to do it and reminded us of what our goals were. It is very easy to get caught up in a home-buying frenzy and end up extended yourself financially, and Ellen kept us on the appropriate path. I don’t think many real estate agents would do that. In short, I will recommend Ellen to everyone. She has a depth of expertise, a persistently pleasant demeanor, and serious integrity.
Matt N. and Aya M.

Impressed With Local Knowledge of Area

My wife and I recently purchased a home in Belmont with Patti and Ellen, and I am writing to let you know that our experience with them was fantastic.
After meeting them in early 2020 at an open house, we were immediately impressed with their local knowledge of the area. They were first to tell us of upcoming open houses before they came on the market, extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and pros/cons of each, and were always up-front and honest with us in assessing homes we were looking at.
Ultimately, they led us to our off-market purchase of our home. Without their knowledge of the renovation taking place, this home likely would have never been found by us and likely purchased by someone else. However – Patti and Ellen knew it was the perfect home for us by assessing what we value most (recently renovated) and leading us to this home. The purchase process itself is always stressful, especially for first-time buyers like us, but Patti and Ellen were extremely helpful, diligent, and timely in helping us navigate the process. Finally, they have continued to be helpful in connecting us with local contractors for all sorts of items (french drain installation, in-ground sprinklers, movers… the list goes on).
In short, it’s my pleasure to write them a glowing recommendation, and I would work with them or recommend them to friends / family with no hesitation.
Dan and Jamie C.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Patient

I can’t recommend Ellen highly enough. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient, but most importantly she genuinely wants what’s best for her clients. She repeatedly went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable with all aspects of the process of purchasing a home.
Vickie S.

The Sale Price I Received On My Home Was Much More Than I Expected

Ellen Sullivan opened my home in Belmont for sale on a Friday. On Monday we had a buyer! She helped arrange assistance for removing much of my clutter and advised and helped me with changes needed to make my house more presentable. She then staged my home in a way that brought compliments from my friends. Visitors filled the house- and it was sold. The price I received was much more than I expected!
Mort G.

Ellen Is Truly Amazing

Ellen is truly amazing! She guided us through every step of the home buying process and made us feel confident and comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things house related and works with a wonderful network of experts. Ellen responded to all of our concerns and questions almost immediately and did a great job with a tricky negotiation. She gave us great guidance in searching for the house of our dreams and we found it!
Jessica P.

Worked Weekends and Nights To Be Sure Everything Was Perfect

Now that the sale of our Belmont house is done and we’re comfortably settled in our new home, it’s time to say thank you to the wonderful brokers who made it happen.
But before I say thank you, I have to make a confession. I’m a retired real estate attorney. So I thought : “I can sell this house myself. I’m an attorney, I have plenty of time, and Belmont properties practically sell themselves! Why would I need a broker? May as well save the commission!”
So I made a plan. We’ll take a few pictures, post them on one of the home sale websites, and wait for the offers to pour in. Last year’s prices were sky-high, so we’ll just wait for the buyers to outbid each other. Easy!
Then came the onslaught of problems and questions:
We need interim financing to cover the purchase of our new home.
We’ll need some repainting to spruce up the house.
We should donate a lot of the furniture that we won’t need.
Do we get rid of the furniture before placing our ads or after?
When should we line up a mover? So many companies.
The windows haven’t been washed in years. Who will do this?
There’s so much junk in the attic and basement. Call a junk remover?
Our property tax records are a little confused. How to straighten this out?
Smoke detectors? CO detectors?
Should we price the house high, and then lower it if necessary?
Put it on the market before school vacation or after?

Now it was clear that selling the house without help would be totally exhausting, and full of chances for bad mistakes. I ran to the phone and called Patti and Ellen at Coldwell Banker.
My wife and I sat down with them, and I got a real lesson. These were professionals. They knew the market — not the same as it was last year. They knew every other house for sale in every neighborhood. They had all the statistics from last year and this year. They understood timing. They had professional photographers. They had the resources to blanket the internet with advertising. Wow, it wasn’t a job for amateurs!
Even better, they had answers for our nightmare list of questions and worries:
They can arrange financing
They have painters and repairmen ready to go.
They can coordinate furniture donations.
They know the best movers, window washers, and junk haulers.
They straightened out our tax records, and even got us a rebate!
They understood pricing and timing strategy to get the best offers possible.
They knew how to “stage” a house for maximum appeal. (Yes, I had to get rid of some of my precious things that made the house look too “antique” for the younger set.)
Over the next few weeks, our brokers worked incredibly hard. They were in touch with suggestions, referrals, and updates almost every day. They got familiar with every detail of our house. They personally supervised all the service people. They personally carried in the furniture and decorations for the house staging. They worked weekends and nights to be sure everything was perfect and ready at the right time.
And in the end, the house was sold within a week, we got a really good price, and we had a huge sense of relief and satisfaction.
Now it’s time to say THANK YOU! Thank you for guiding us through the stressful and challenging time of selling our wonderful old home, for treating us with sensitivity and respect, and for ensuring that our home sale would be a great success.
Harry and Joan S.

Extremely Attentive, Available and Professional

As many people would attest the home buying process can be extremely stressful. Mine was no different. Luckily I had the best realtor who was extremely attentive, available and professional. The stressful process was less so because she provided and explained a lot of information. She was extremely knowledgeable and committed in helping me find my home. Even on my closing day when things didn’t go as planned from the sellers end she came through for me (everyone really) and we were able to close. I’m grateful for the recommendations she provided of individuals who I worked with on home improvement projects before I moved in. I would work with her again and would recommend her to my family and friends.

Petronella C

Expert At Ushering Her Clients Through The Complicated Details of Selling a Home

Ellen is an expert at ushering her clients through the complicated details of selling a home. She is respectful, warm, and always ready to take on any challenge. She knows her way through this process and leads with gracious authority. We had a fairly tight deadline, and we had been living in our house for 22 years. Ellen listened to our goals and timeline and then mapped out our course. She detailed the steps necessary to prepare the house for showing and used her coaching skills to help us achieve our goals at each stage. We benefited from her experience as she advised us on several improvement projects that would yield the best return for us. Ellen helped us find contractors, painters, and cleaners, which greatly facilitated the preparation for the sale. She advocated for us with her contacts, who provided quality work in a timely manner. Ellen was organized and hard working during the open house period, and kept us informed as the sale came together, through the closing, and into the congratulatory finish of a very important event in our lives. She stuck to her proposed schedule with encouraging words throughout.
Anne and Lou G.

Always Looking Out For What Was In Our Best Interest

Ellen is fantastic. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and she was great with answering and explaining everything. Ellen was always easily accessible via email, phone or text even when she was out of town! Ellen made our first home buying experience great. She works hard and was always looking out for what was in our best interest as buyers. I would recommend Ellen to anyone beginning a home search.L
Nicole M and Luis C.

We Loved Working With Ellen

We loved working with Ellen! She was very thoughtful and thorough. She helped us to think of questions that we might not have otherwise considered, and supported us greatly in the closing process.
Anna C. and Kevin S.

Ellen Should Be Your Choice

“I can’t say enough about Ellen and how fantastic she was helping me both buy a house and then have to sell it a year later when I moved. Ellen was always very responsive to my calls or emails. She is very knowledgeable and was able to guide me through the process. She was able to help me understand each step and what to expect next. I could not have done this without her. I highly recommend Ellen for helping you to either buy a house or sell a house. If you want to have the process go smoothly, and to feel supported and cared for along the way, Ellen should be your choice.”
Susie C.

Knowledgeable, Thorough and Professional

Ellen is great! She is not only knowledgeable, thorough and professional, but also caring and personable. As a buyer’s agent, She was really focused on our best interests and she listened to our wants and needs. She was available to meet after hours, early in the morning or to have a call later in the evening. We have small children, so it was great that we could talk to her after they went to bed! She also was really focused on getting us private showings for houses so that we could take our time instead of (or in addition to) going to busy open houses. Ellen helped us navigate this very competitive MA housing market and I’m not sure we would have gotten our new home without her!
Laurel and Kyle G.

An Advocate With Insider Knowledge Who Was Fully On Our Side

We were first time homebuyers in a very competitive market, and throughout the homebuying process Ellen was our anchor, advocate, teacher, negotiator, and guide. She educated us about the process so it wasn’t so overwhelming, listened carefully to our needs, helped us focus our priorities for our search (when we couldn’t focus ourselves), and always kept us up to date on properties just as they were hitting the market. She had sound judgement about the value of properties around the Boston area and gave us solid advice to avoid overpriced properties that would have been a poor decision to bid on. When it was time to put in an offer, she helped us craft a competitive offer and navigate the rather stressful bidding process. We were successful and are now living in our dream home. Ellen is proactive, hard working, communicative, organized, thorough, detail oriented, knowledgeable, calming, caring, patient, trustworthy. We always felt like we had an advocate with insider knowledge who was fully on our side, with our interests in mind. We absolutely recommend Ellen.
Sheena C. and Derek O.

Best Realtor We Ever Worked With

Ellen was the best realtor we have ever worked with. She spent many hours with us on our behalf before we even signed on with her. She was available 24/7 and went out of her way to make sure we could get a loan and insurance. To work with her was an absolutely pleasant experience. Ellen provided us with continual feedback and service in a timely manner. She is professional, conscientious and compassionate. I highly recommend her services to anyone who seriously wants to buy or sell a house.

Jimmy Z

Cares About Her Buyers and Not Just The Sale

Ellen was such a fabulous agent to work with! It is clear that she cares about her buyers and not just the sale…she has her buyers’ best interests at heart. As first time home buyers, Ellen made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. She gave us the direction we needed and we never had a hard time reaching her. She acted quickly when the situation required, which was much appreciated. Overall, we would recommend Ellen to anyone…we couldn’t have had a better experience buying our first home!
Stephanie A. and Derek T.

Fantastic Realtor

I’d like to wholeheartedly recommend Ellen Sullivan to anyone who might be on the hunt for a fantastic realtor. My husband and I worked with her on the sale of our home, and she could not have been more helpful, proactive, and thorough. She held our hands throughout the entire process, was always available to advise and reassure us, and constantly monitored the market and provided us with updated data. She served as a true project manager, and kept us on track every step of the way (no easy feat given our hectic work schedules and two small kids). She worked so diligently on our behalf, and made sure the house was staged, presented, and marketed as well as possible. And she gets results – we had 16 offers after our first weekend on the market! Ellen is also a delight to work with – so warm, engaging, and truly cares about us as people. She’s become a friend and honorary member of our family, and our sons adore her! I’d recommend her to anyone – she’s just wonderful.
Lizzie I.

I Am Going To Run Out Of Words To Describe How Incredible Ellen Is

Can you do better than an A+ in school? I am going to run out of words to describe how incredible Ellen is!! She literally helped us every step of the way making our real estate dreams a reality. My previous experiences with realtors have been satisfactory, but not ‘wow’ at any stage of the process. That changed with Ellen. If you are looking for a true local industry expert who will be your biggest advocate and resource, and who will keep you on point when you find yourself off track or discouraged, she’s the one for you! With two kids, our family was growing out of our condo in Belmont. We needed more space but also knew that we wanted to stay closer to the city. While we wanted to stay in Belmont, it was not going to work from a financial point of view. With our initial meeting, Ellen tried to get a feel from us what we were looking for, and after talking with us, she was able to determine a good fit for us. We looked at so many homes in a handful of nearby towns, while already starting to pack for moving out. With each visit to each home, Ellen took inventory about what was more important and always remembered our needs/wants for future home visits. Ellen would also have the data on the latest offer/sale prices in each area that we would look at, so for those data driven types like me, this is a nice bonus! After 4 months of looking at houses that didn’t really work for us, we came back from a vacation, and Ellen really pushed us to come to this open house in Arlington. It was honestly the last thing I wanted to do on that day back in the Boston area! But this was the house that we put an offer on with a written note to the sellers, and the offer was accepted! So we were successful on the buying side. What about the selling side? 14 offers on the Belmont condo! We needed significant help from Ellen with a good amount of contractors she trusts in updating our condo for sale. I would say all of the work paid off with the sale price over asking price. We could not be more happy with our overall experience with Ellen, so do yourself a favor and choose her as your realtor. You’re welcome!!”
Charles and Isabelle N.

Felt Like I Had A Friend Helping Me Throughout The Process

Ellen is very thorough and was able to explain all the steps for the home buying process in a logical way. The process can be daunting and she helped to make it less complicated. She was very helpful in connecting me to a loan agent and an attorney. I appreciated that she would check in to make sure I was ok with the process and she would make me aware of the next steps. Once I moved in she has several referrals she could give me to help with painting or fixing something in my new house. Most of all I felt like I had a friend helping me through the entire process which helped me feel comfortable.
Susie C.

Experience With Ellen Sullivan Was Positive In Every Respect

My experience with Ellen Sullivan was positive in every respect. I was away all summer and when I returned to my home at the end of August, I found that I needed to move to my new home in a retirement community by the end of September. Yikes! My seven room single family home had to be sold. I had to quickly downsize, and decide what to bring and what to give away. Ellen stayed in constant contact with me, making excellent suggestions and helping to keep me sane.
Our decision to sell “as is” saved much time and money. Ellen worked with my buyers and kept a smooth, friendly tone throughout the negotiations. She was a consummate professional in every way. I would strongly recommend her to anyone thinking of selling their home.
Judy W.

Felt Lucky To Have Worked With Ellen

Ellen was fantastic! We got in touch with Ellen at the start of our house search. She met with us to understand our needs and price range and she explained her role as a buyer’s agent with complete clarity. We felt like we were her only clients from the very start. She visited open houses with us, and then some for us when we were out of town. We stayed in regular contact by phone and email and there wasn’t anything she wasn’t happy to help us with. As previous homeowners, we were picky and prepared to wait for the right thing. Ellen was prepared to wait along with us; never did we get the sense that she wanted us to settle for something we didn’t like so she could move on to other buyers.
As it happened, we found just the right house faster than anticipated and Ellen was very helpful through the inspection and closing. The house needed some work and after we closed she recommended contractors; she was even happy to meet them at the house when we couldn’t. Always upbeat and cheerful, Ellen took the stress out of the whole process. All in all, we feel lucky to have worked with her and grateful for all she did. We’d strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a new home in the metro west area.
Andrew M. and Christa C.

Consistently Went The Extra Mile

Simply put, if my wife and I hadn’t found Ellen Sullivan as our realtor, we wouldn’t be in our dream home today. Through Ellen’s incredible determination and industry/regional knowledge, she deftly managed both the sale of our condo as well as our purchase of a house- on a fast timeline we didn’t think would be possible. She always put our best interests first, listened to our needs, and presented us with options that fit our interests and needs. Her flexibility and willingness to accommodate us made her easy to work with, and she consistently went the extra mile to ensure everything ran smoothly. But above all else, it truly was a pleasure to work with Ellen.
Paul and Sarah M.

Provided Us The Absolute Best Experience

Ellen recently helped us sell our home in Arlington, and she provided us the absolute best experience we have had when working with a Realtor. Ellen ensured that we sold our home quickly and for the best price the market would bear. The part we appreciated most about working with Ellen was her commendable client service. In short, she was amazing, and we wished we could have taken her to our new town to help us buy a house there too!
There were three things that set Ellen apart for us: her local knowledge and subject matter expertise, her analytic approach to real estate, and her unbelievable dedication to her clients. Ellen clearly knew the market dynamics of not only Arlington, but the entire area, and was able to talk us through what the prevailing conditions were and how they would affect us, even to the point of helping us do a trade off analysis between listing one week vs. the next. For the analytic approach, Ellen produced a very comprehensive analysis of recent home sales with list prices, square feet, days on the market, and sale price to help determine what the most appropriate list price range for our home would be. This was much appreciated as it took the guesswork and emotions out of the process. Finally, and most importantly, Ellen has immense pride in her work, and very clearly cares about her clients experiences and well-being. She took care of everything for us, from ensuring that we had the appropriate disclosures on the listing, to helping stage the house, to organizing contractors for minor touch ups, to chasing down lawyers and bankers so we could be sure we got our closing funds in time for the purchase of our next house. We would (and will) recommend Ellen to anyone needing a Realtor!
Justine and Nate U.

Focused and Attentive Agent

My experiences with Ellen Sullivan as my agent were incredibly beneficial and positive. I purchased my first home at the end of last year, and Ellen was a patient, capable advisor at every step of the process.
Eager to quickly learn my preferences, and unfazed by my picky particularities, she provided relevant recommendations for properties that stuck to my criteria and budget. Ellen’s experience in the area led her to quickly offer tried-and-true contacts for many resources along each step of the way. Despite being very active, Ellen always made herself available for last-minute showings and out-of-the-blue questions. Her enthusiasm helped to drive a productive schedule without being aggressive. And her cordial spirit kept the drudgery of contract reviews and negotiations in a positive light.
It was a please working with Ellen and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a well-qualified, focused, and attentive agent.
Kyle R.

A Real Estate Agent That Has It All!

When I moved to Massachusetts from Rhode Island, I randomly selected Hammond Real Estate to help me find the right home for my taste and budget. As a mortgage lending professional I have worked with scores of Realtors that exhibited various levels of professionalism and responsiveness and was extremely apprehensive about starting the process. This changed when I met with Ellen Sullivan. The service she provided to me was outstanding. Ellen paid close attention to the type of home, neighborhood and commute that I was seeking and kept me abreast of the newest listings and open houses. She then drove me around different towns and neighborhoods at my convenience.
When we both concluded that I was looking for a newer home, I never expected Ellen to find me a beautiful new luxury townhouse in a bedroom community that was actually within my price range. She then proceeded to assist when I was negotiating the contract and diplomatically handled issues between the attorney, lender and seller. Throughout the process she always maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, and understanding.
Ellen was a true delight to work with on both a professional and personal level. She was a dependable, helpful bright spot that always reassured and comforted me through the stressful task of purchasing new construction in an unfamiliar town. I would highly recommend Ellen Sullivan to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent that has it all!
Odette M.

Great Attention To Detail

Ellen is knowledgeable, innovative, highly professional, has great attention to detail and exercises excellent follow through. I wholeheartedly endorse her as a great resource and huge asset to the entire sales process.
John D.

Went Above and Beyond Our Expectations

Working with Ellen was a wonderful experience for us. It was our first time selling a house and she made us feel comfortable every step of the way. She was thorough and honest so that we knew every angle was addressed and that there would be no surprises. Since it was our first time we had lots of questions and she was always willing to take the extra time to explain things to us and make sure that we were informed about every decision we made. She went above and beyond our expectations of a seller’s agent in so many ways. To anyone selling a house, I would give Ellen my strongest recommendation.
Peter and Gennie G.

True Professional

I can’t praise Ellen Sullivan more highly! When my relative moved into assisted living, I was tasked with cleaning out and selling her home. Fortunately, I met Ellen who made my life so much easier. She knew local and trusted resources, coordinated preparation, and wisely instructed me when to list the property and how to evaluate the multiple offers. So glad I listened to her advice and not my own! I valued her calm nature and apparent ease with which she found solutions to issues big and small. I even enjoyed the process knowing that Ellen was there to guide me. She is a true professional!
Kathleen M.